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As a conscious brand, we have gone past the green-washing to give you products that embody a REAL conscience. We want our world to be kinder and healthier and we’re not shying away from driving the change. Our products are better for us, better for the planet and better for our community. We create the best organic wellness and bath products in India.

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Sustainable & Organic

Zero Waste. Low Carbon Footprint. No Animal Testing. Natural Ingredients. Women Empowerment. Find the best organic wellness and bath products in India.

While no company can claim to be a 100% Zero Waste yet, we as a company are constantly innovating and taking steps towards this goal. From the ingredients to the packaging, everything has the lowest carbon footprint possible. Everything we create is vegan and cruelty free from the day we started production and is an integral part of our brand identity. The products we offer are free from chemicals/ synthetic dyes, Parabens, Silicon, Lead, DEA/TEA, Phthalates, SLS/SLES, Mineral Oil and Petrolatum. After all, inner health reflects in our outer beauty. As a woman owned business, we are aware of the need and importance of female participation in the work force. Our small and passionate team stands for women’s empowerment and inclusion.

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