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Weight Loss Tea 400.00

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea


Loose yourself in the magical cup of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea to tease your senses! The tea is a blend of the popular medicinal blue pea flower with high mountain green tea selected by our tea tasters

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One of the healthiest herbal teas on earth, our Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is known for its visual beauty and medicinal properties. Mixed with the refreshing green tea leaves, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is high on anti-oxidants and great for the health.  It can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

The Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, on its own, has an electric blue color is sure a magic tea. Just adding a few drops of lemon juice transforms the blue colored tea into the most magnificent purple color. Mix in a few hibiscus leaves and you will end up with a gorgeous red tea. 


APPEARANCEMix of twisted green leaves with indigo blue colored flower petals / Royal Blue 



PALATE: Fresh and citrus with a smooth finish. 


NOTES: Best Consumed inMid-Morning or Mid-Evening| Low-Caffeine


40 GM
8 Cups
Rs 445


As a traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea has been consumed for centuries as a memory enhancer, brain booster, anti-stress and calmative agent. This tea helps in reducing the risk of the development of many health problems, also has many vitamins and minerals which keeps your skin and hair looking great as it keeps them from ageing prematurely.





Green Tea, Blue Pea flowers

Our Teas are free of: Gluten | Wheat | Dairy | Soya | Nut                       




Cold filtered O2 Rich Water Temperature Tea Leaves Time
200 ml 75℃ -80℃ 2 tsp/ 2.5 g 3 Mins


Add on:  Drink Plain | Lemon | Honey

Best Paired with: 

Salads | Thai Food| Blueberry Pie

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40 gm


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